Italian company that continues to grow

Giampaolo_BanciMondo Verde was founded as a garden center in 1971 by Mr. Giampaolo Banci, landscaper and with good commercial experience. In addition to the excellent activity of landscaping, Giampaolo Banci think about how to solve the practical problems of small and large gardens that the market left unresolved at the time, always with a view to the garden as an area to be lived with simplicity and serenity.

In 1978, Mr. Banci acquires and develops the first irrigator with terracotta cone.

In 1981-82 began importing from England , the target market for the garden, the first repellers for dogs, cats and birds. In 1985, designs and manufactures the special plates suitable for the production of the first citronella candles for indoor and outdoor use.

In 1988 he began producing his own line of Citronella candles, almost certainly as the first in Italy in the field of gardening . From there and with the help of his two sons, he begins the true story of Mondo Verde, always innovative in the market and often imitated by many companies.

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