Our goal is to make enjoyable, practical and peaceful your outdoor life in the garden, offering professional and practical solutions to the most common problems that our customers manifest.

We design, test and manufacture products with passion and attention in order they are always easy to use but with results in line with professional products.

We have been cooperating for several years with the University of Florence, involving various departments, to develop innovative, environmentally friendly products that respect our “green” philosophy that our name imposes. We developed many products and so many others will see the light between next two – three years, because the research and testing that we do together at the University are complex and comprehensive to ensure that the products are up to our customers.

This makes us otherwise “different”: while most of our European competitors try to diversify from others with price policies or with ranges of products with little innovation or with a simple “lifting” applied, we go beyond investing many resources in the development of new products that have never been seen in the market, which perhaps no one had ever thought of before but that represent or will represent a future need of our customers.