The research is the base for each good item

There are now many years that we have a strong partnership with the University of Florence, involving various Departments, with whom we have developed and are developing new products with no environmental impact for the control, for example, of insects or harassing wild and domestic animals. This is an investment not only important for Mondo Verde, but especially for our customer who will use innovative and safe products, made with so much technology and research. The primary purpose of all this technology and research, in addition to the successful performance of the products, is to make them easy-to-use for the Customers and let them enjoy the results they need. Surely, it is a longer route, which takes years to bear results, but they will be good and valid, in spite of other products from other European competitors, results of copies often of low quality and made ​​in the Far East.

Share of revenues devoted to investment in research, innovation and patents.